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Painting And Decorating Services in Battersea SW11Improve the appearance of your property today by hiring a painter and decorator from us get us to paint your walls, ceilings and woodwork. You can book us whether you're a home owner planning to refurbish a property, a buyer who wants to personalise their newly bought home, a seller looking to add value or a landlord whose changing tenants. Remember that we can deliver painting services to both commercial and domestic premises!

Booking Options and Process

  1. Inquire over the phone, through an email, or via our online chat facility
  2. An experienced, knowledgeable operator will ask you some guiding questions that’ll help us calculate the cost of both labour and materials
  3. Based on this information you’ll receive a preliminary estimate for your service
  4. An on-site evaluation will be arranged. A painting and decorating specialist will discuss with you the options and offer solutions
  5. Your quote will be fixed and confirmed within one working day after this evaluation.

Choose Painters in Battersea SW11 And Get:

  • An Instant Price – pick up the phone today and connect with an experienced adviser
  • A Home Consultation – discuss the specifics of your job with a professional. This is completely without obligation
  • Dedicated Professionals – who’ll cause a minimum of disruption on your property during your painting and decorating services
  • Negotiable Working Hours – this is your project and we’re happy to work around your schedule
  • A Competitively Priced Service – don’t overpay! Hire us to benefit from reasonable costs
  • Proven Quality – you’re choosing a team that’s dedicated to delivering extremely high standards.

The Services You’re Offered

Do you need us to paint your walls and ceilings? No problem! Firstly, any decorative items and furniture will be removed in order to give us access. Your floor will also be covered. Before we begin protective products will be used along with a number of small jobs such as filling in scratches and dents – this is all included in the price. Once this has all been done the painting process can be started. If necessary a primer or undercoat will be put down and then up to three coats of paint will be applied. Between each coat there is a short drying time. With the service completed your property will be returned to normal. You can ask us to use water, solvent or speciality paint.

Want us to paint woodwork? The area surrounding your wood will be cleared and then up to 2 coats of primer, dye or stain will be applied. This is followed by a maximum of three layers of paint, varnish or oil. Then your property will be returned to normal. You can ask us to use solvent or speciality paint.

How To Contact Decorators in Battersea SW11

Dial 020 3404 4350 now and get in touch with expert decorators in Battersea SW11. Alternatively, enter your relevant details into this website’s request a service form or easy-to-use chat facility.

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